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Vanguard Digital Motor Insurance Val’s Day Promo


  • 1. Give the two common complaints regarding Motor Insurance Claims.
  • 2. Explain how Vanguard Telematic Motor Insurance has solved it?

The season of love is here with us again and Vanguard, the only sixth times hall of Fame Insurer wishes you a Happy Valentines Day.

Do you own a vehicle(s)? Fill the simple nomination forms available at www.vanguardassurance.com or send your details to vacmails@vanguardassurance.com and answer two questions to win amazing prizes!!!

  • 1st Prize: A Night in Any 1st Class Hotel + Installation of telematic Device
  • 2nd Prize: Dinner for two + Installation of Telematic Device
  • 3rd Prize: Installation of Telematic Device

Closing Date for nomination is 10th February 2018 Sponsored by Vanguard Telematic Motor Insurance Policies