Best Vehicle and Home Insurance policy in Ghana

Get extra benefits from Homeprehensive—a single insurance policy for your vehicle and home.


Why Homprehensive Policy?

Over the years, many Ghanaians have lost assets to fires and road accidents. Landlords and vehicle owners cannot afford to have separate insurance policies for both fire and motor to protect these assets due to high insurance costs. Even tenants are not spared from the effects of fire and allied perils on their properties in their rented apartments if they do not have a fire policy when disaster strikes.



Research has shown a strong correlation between warm temperatures and fires, so there is consensus that fire occurrence will increase around the world with climate change and Ghana is no exception. Hardly a day passes without news of a fire outbreak or road accident in some parts of Ghana. The Ghana National Fire Service reported a total of 108 fire outbreaks in the first quarter of 2020, among which landlords, property owners and tenants were all affected.


Here’s the good news

Vehicles and Homes are some of the most valuable assets that one can acquire in life and need to be protected, and you can do just that with Homeprehensive—a single insurance policy for your vehicle and home. With Homeprehensive, you can also enjoy benefits like: free travel insurance for your business, vacation trips and cover for damage to vehicle windscreens and mirrors.

Best Vehicle and Home Insurance policy in Ghana

Check out the benefits Homeprehensive has for you

See how Homeprehensive stacks up against Third-Party insurance

Guaranteed prompt claims payment
Cover for vehicle
Cover for vehicle, building, home and contents
Replacement of damaged windshield and mirrors
Travel insurance cover


Frederick CEO Vanguard Assurance

Frederick Adotey Saka

Chief Executive Officer

“I am very excited to introduce to you Homeprehensive—a single policy that gives you total insurance for your vehicle and home.

As a data-driven organization, we have carefully scanned the market and identified a need that the Homeprehensive policy addresses—two of your most valuable assets (apart from your life) are your home and car. In fact, there are so many wonderful things we enjoy doing both at home and in the car, from listening to music to enjoying a warm coffee, so don’t only insure your vehicle, insure your home as well to enjoy life to the fullest.

There is a special offer for existing and new customers who combine the motor and homeowners policies under Homeprehensive. Ask for a quote now and smile in your car and at home.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Homeprehensive insurance policy?

A single insurance policy that protects your vehicle and home in the event loss/damage.

Why is it important to have a Homeprehensive policy?

To restore your vehicle, home and contents when it is damaged or lost through a peril.

What is the difference between a Homeprehensive policy and traditional motor and fire insurance?

Homeprehensive has additional offers/benefits that traditional motor and fire insurance do not have.

Who qualifies to sign up for Homeprehensive?

A landlord or tenant that owns a vehicle.

With this policy, would I still earn my NCD on my motor comprehensive account?

Yes, you still earn your normal NCD on your motor account.

What documents do I need to provide to get the travel insurance when embarking on a trip?

Your passport and travel details.