Marine insurance covers the loss or damage to cargo and ships i.e. fishing vessels, pleasure boats.

Our Cargo Insurance Policy provides cover:

    1. The accidental loss or damage to ships such as cargo vessels, fishing vessels, pleasure boats etc and
    2. The loss, theft or damage to cargo whilst being imported or exported by sea or through water ways such as rivers, lakes or

The Marine Cargo Insurance Policy may not only be taken to cover imports and export of cargo from warehouse to warehouse but may also covers shipments of goods and personal effects transported by air. The Vanguard Assurance Marine policies are grouped as follows:

Marine Open Cover Policies

Marine Cargo General: this is an automatic cover issued to clients who do frequent Imports and Exports of consignment by Sea, air and Inland transit. The areas of risk covered include ICC ‘A’ (all risk), ‘B’ and ‘C’ with war and strikes risk. (except those specifically excluded in the respective clauses).

 Individual Marine & Cargo Policies

Some Clients may prefer to take specific policies insuring particular marine items. As a result we do provide specialized customized policies to meet varying demands. A few are listed below

Marine Cargo General

All import, export or transit cargo over a fixed period of time and might be for a particular cargo.

Marine Cargo- Exports

This policy covers transit and export cargo over a fixed period for a particular cargo.

Marine Certificate Policies

We also provide certificates for the policies listed below; Marine Cargo General and Marine Cargo- Exports.

Stevedores Legal Liability

Stevedores unload and load cargoes from ships, railroad cars, trucks, etc. Stevedore’s liability is a form of insurance that assists with claims related to their operations, whether they are connected to a transportation terminals or do business as independent contractors.