Special Products

Our Special Products are tailored to meet the needs of niche markets and individual risks.

If you travel abroad more often whether for business or leisure, you will appreciate the need for Vanguard CICL travel insurance.

Why the need?

  • As someone who travels often, there is the Higher Risk Of:
  • Accidental injury
  • Accidental death
  • Accidental sickness

How the policy works:-

  • Cover is worldwide
  • Insurance valid if premium paid prior to traveling
  • Premium dependent on duration of trip
  • Policy takes effect as soon as you leave the shores of Ghana
  • Free cover for children under 2 years
  • The age limit is 79 years


  • Medical expenses
  • Hospitalisation
  • Attendance by a doctor
  • Emergency dental
  • Emergency optical
  • Emergency evacuation/repatriation
  • Visit by relative or travel by companion
  • Return of relative/ travel companion
  • Return of accompanying children
  • Home transportation of the deceased
  • Excess on each item is $50
  • Maximum cover is $50,000.00

Application procedure:

  • Complete a proposal form with the following information
  • date of birth
  • occupation
  • passport number
  • inception date
  • expiry date
  • address of destination
  • email Id
  • mob. number
  • details of dependants
  • beneficiaries

Refund of premium: refund is possible only if vanguard receives a written request prior to the commencement date the company will charge a fee of $30.00 in connection with any refund after the commencement date the premium is considered fully earned and non-refundable



  • NETCARE 911 on
  • TEL:+27 11 254 1694
  • Email: flight@netcare.co.za
  • OR
  • Vanguard Assurance Co. Ltd on
  • Tel: +233 244 334 407
  • Email: ft@vanguardassurance.com

Complete claim form with the following information:-


  • Your policy number and policy code
  • Name, present location & contact number
  • The emergency and/or medical problem
  • Location of hospital/clinic and doctor’s telephone numbers
  • A relative we should contact in your country of domicile


The Vanguard CICL policy gives you Peace of mind and Security to live your life.

This policy, provides cover for loss of or damage to property by theft following forcible and violent breaking into or out of your Commercial or Business premises or any attempt there at.

The taxi project was the first special project instituted by Vanguard Assurance Company Limited. The idea was conceived in 2003. At the time Vanguard was approaching the significant age of 30 and the Board of Directors and Management of the company wanted to initiate a project that will make a significant impact on society. As a leading insurer, Vanguard is not only interested in the reduction in claims that will result from safe driving practices, we are concerned about the social and economic effects of deaths and injuries that result from accidents on our roads.

The Project has as its major components the Vanguard Best Taxi Awards Scheme and Training of Trainers for taxi drivers and Group Taxi Insurance Scheme for taxi unions and societies.


Taxi drivers constitute an indispensable group in our transport service delivery. For Tourists and other foreign visitors to this country who rely very much on taxi drivers to carry them around, taxi drivers mirror the image of this country. The main objective is to encourage positive behavior among taxi drivers in particular and commercial drivers in general by publicly recognizing and awarding deserving taxi drivers. Vanguard also hoped that the scheme will complement the efforts that other government and non-governmental agencies are making towards reducing accidents on our roads. The overall effects of such avoidable accidents on our social and economic development must concern all good corporate citizen of this country.

Training of Trainers

As part of the scheme, Vanguard has also instituted a training scheme for Taxi Drivers. Trainers are trained to in turn serve as trainers for their respective Taxi Unions. At the time, the Ministry of Tourism and Diasporan Relations and the Ghana Tourist Board have shown interest in the Vanguard Training of Training Programme and have collaborated with Vanguard in the organization of the Greater Accra programme last year. So far training programmes have been held in the regions that have benefited from the award ceremonies – Greater Accra (2), Eastern, Ashanti and Brong Ahafo Regions having one each.

Get your Comprehensive Motor Insurance claim paid within 48hr today. Yes, the demand of our cherished customers have led to the introduction of this flexible insurances product that guarantees you speed and reliability.

This is an optional service provided under our Comprehensive Motor insurance policy that customers can access by subscribing to and paying a minimum premium of GHC 10.00 only The request to subscribe to this 48hr claims payment service can be made via email at marketing@vanguardassurance.com or by calling 0244334407.

The Vanguard 48hr Claims payment service may be purchased at the inception, during the currency or at renewal of a policy.

In our characteristic innovative fashion, in the wake of requests from our politicians for a cover to protect them and their assets especially during their vigorous activities, Vanguard Assurance Company Limited has developed a new product called The Vanguard Honorable’ s Protection Policy (VHPP).

The policy is designed to cater for the various risks faced by politicians (i.e. Members of Parliament and Assemblymen) especially during the electioneering process.

The benefits of the Vanguard Honourable Protection Insurance Policy (VHPP) include,cover for the car of the aspirant House Insurance protection for the aspirant.
Personal accident benefits for the insured (aspirant) and 5 key members of his campaign team up to limits specified.

To be insured, kindly download a VHPP Proposal form from our website at the downloads section fill and return to marketing@vanguardassurance.com or call 0244334407 for urgent response.

In response to the numerous Fire incidents around the country including damage to the Central Medical Stores as well as the cries for compensation from victims of negligence following surgical operations in the country, Vanguard Assurance, you household name in insurance and leader in the provision of indigenous insurance services has responded to meet the needs of Ghanaians.

The VHPP is one of the most innovative insurance product that can be found in the country.


This is a specially designed insurance cover to cater for loss or damage to the hospital buildings, medical stores and drugs / medicines as a result of incidents such as fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, windstorm and or other atmospheric disturbances.
It also caters for legal liabilities with respect to the negligence on the part of named medical officer(s) in the course of carrying out surgical operations.


  • Broad Coverage
  • Targeted beneficiaries
  • Lower rates
  • Reduced legal liabilities


Commercial Fire Insurance
Group Personal Accident
Public Liability
Professional Indemnity

The product, Ladies Kitchen Insurance is the new product added to the already existing ones including the Vanguard Home Assurance, Vanguard Shopowners Insurance. This policy seeks to protect ladies from accidents sustained in the kitchen.

Vanguard Assurance had taken into consideration the risks ladies go through in preparing dishes and has therefore come out with the Ladies Kitchen Insurance to cover them. For example, gas explosion, knife injury, injury from fufu pounding and hot water burns, are some of the hazards our women go through just to prepare food for themselves or their families. Preparation of food is not that easy as we may think. Women especially, go through a lot of stress in doing so. There could be gas explosion, causing severe damages to her beautiful face, hot water pouring on her or even being injured by a knife-cut.

Vanguard sees the need to developing an insurance purposely to care for these ladies and address the risks they face.

The Vanguard Ladies Kitchen Insurance Policy has a maximum Capital Benefit of GH¢10,000.00 to be paid as a compensation in the event that the injury leads to the death of the person.

Other injuries sustained, such as knife cut, pounding fufu, and burns he said, can attract a compensation ranging from 20% of the capital benefit up to 60%.

The Ladies Kitchen Insurance which is unique in its nature in Ghana has a flat premium of GHC150.00. However, where the client has an existing comprehensive motor or home insurance policy and wants it as an added cover, only an amount of GH50.00 shall be charged as premium.